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Cool for Kūpuna Season 2 - Ep 06 Waialua

Cool for Kūpuna Season 2 - Ep 02 HANAPEPE

Philanthropic Tax Planning with Troy Wada 2023

Are You Ready to Build a Life You Love? Dream. Plan. Live.

Troy: Financial Planning

Karl Sadanaga: Life Insurance

Karl Sadanaga: The Importance of Properly Preparing for Retirement

Living 808 Segment: Tips on Affording College with Troy Wada

Hawaii Homeownership Center V2

Alice Inoue Stay Calm in the midst of a Crisis

Troy Wada Market and Tax update for 2023

Karl Sadanaga Behavioral Finance 2023

Troy Wada Market and Tax update for 2023

December 20, 2022 Living Akamai featuring Troy Wada

The stock market, mortgage interest rates, and inflation are all hot topics that cause worry. Today Kay Mukaigawa, of Engel and Volkers, and Troy Wada, Principal Wealth Advisor with INPAC Wealth Solutions joined Living808 to discuss the current economy.
Troy shared, “Although no one has a crystal ball – it is likely that the stock market will get worse before it gets better. But believe it or not investment success does not begin with your investment portfolio. Even the perfect investment strategy will fail if its owner keeps making changes to it. The main message is this, Investor behavior and emotions can be the most impactful factor to your bottom line.”

INPAC Virtual Holiday Event 2022


Market Outlook and Financial Update December 2022


Estate Planning with Dean Park, JD

Avoid disputes dealing with the elderly and the estates of the deceased by proactively planning for the unexpected. Dean will also be discussing numerous aspects of Financial Wellness, including:

• Estate Planning
• Asset Protection
• Charitable Gifting
• Taxation

Pau Hana w/Corey Campbell: Gratitude

Troy Wada, Principal Wealth Advisor at INPAC Wealth Solutions, speaks on:

• There is a direct link between feeling gratitude and having an overall sense of contentment with your life as a whole
• Practicing gratitude helps you shift your focus from the things that are missing in your life to appreciating what you do have, thereby leading to numerous physical, mental, and social benefits
• The best of all - it's free! It just requires a dedicated commitment to daily practices that, over time, will significantly improve your mood, emotions, and mindset

Social Security with Troy Wada

Troy Wada, Principal Wealth Advisor at INPAC Wealth Solutions, speaks on:

• Rules Surrounding Collecting Social Security
• How Social Security is Calculated
• How to Make the Most of Your Social Security Benefits
• How Taxes and Working Will Affect Your Social Security Benefits
• Ways to Minimize Your Tax Liability in Retirement

The Psychology of Investing

Karl Sadanaga, Wealth Advisor at INPAC, speaks on:

• Investing with emotion can be costly
• Keeping calm amid market turbulence
• Proper investor behavior is critical to investment success
• Common investor biases are a challenge
• Working with your financial advisor to build discipline and ensure you are reacting to the market rationally

Pau Hana w/Alice Inoue: Take Action Against Distraction

Click. Swipe. Delete. 80% of us check our smartphone before we even get out of bed in the morning. The average worker gets interrupted 50-60 times per day, 80% of which are unimportant interruptions. Constant distractions not only leave us less productive, but also more stressed than ever. Multi-tasking mayhem has also robbed us of time.

This presentation covers:
• Identifying your form of distraction for greater distraction targeting.
• The 3 categories of distractions with solutions for each.
• How to reclaim your focus in the office and at home.
• How to prioritize the day's demands with proven strategies.

2022 Economic Market & Outlook

Webinar aired September 13, 2022
- What does the rest of the year look like?
- What should our approach be?
- How we ended up with inflation

Pau Hana w/Corey Campbell: Designing Your Habits to Dominate in Life & Business

Our performance in business, and life, is ultimately the result of the patterns and standards we’ve created since birth and their direct impact on our actions, behaviors, and habits. Small, daily habits are powerful predictors of long-term outcomes. What you do today determines what you achieve tomorrow.

This workshop is designed to impact how you operate daily and power up your performance with the creation of new keystone habits leading to success in your key life and business metrics.

July 26, 2022 Living Akamai featuring Troy Wada

In today’s edition of Living Akamai, Kay Mukaigawa was joined by Troy Wada, Principal Wealth Advisor at INPAC Wealth Solutions. He joined the show to talk about all things social security benefits.

Troy has a Medicare and Social Security Workshop at Ala Moana Hotel’s Plumeria Room at 9am with “Mr. Medicare” Mark Faildo on the last Saturday of every month.

July 20, 2022 Long Term Care

People are living longer than ever and that has created risks in people's success in retirement
* Long Term Care is one of the biggest risks that can destroy someone's retirement plan
* Learn about the different ways to protect against this risk and how Long Term Care Protection has changed over the years and how people are taking advantage of these changes

Preparing for Medicare Open Enrollment & Reviewing Your Coverage

Learn the Basics of Medicare & Important Features of Medicare, Including:

* When you should enroll to avoid lifetime penalties
* What Medicare does and does not cover
* How you can maximize your Medicare Benefits and minimize your costs
* Why your zip code and doctors you visit are important
* Why you should be reviewing your Medicare plan annually

Basics & Misconceptions of Medicaid

Featuring Scott Gardner of Scott Gardner & Co., LLC.

Did you know that Medicaid can help from newborns, pregnant moms, young adults who become disabled, to older adults who need Long Term Care?

You might have a loved one already in a medical facility, who may soon need Medicaid assistance to fund their nursing/foster home cost. Or, you may be preparing for a family member’s future long-term healthcare plans, and don’t know where to start. Being prepared now can help make better financial decisions for the best interest of your family.

Pau Hana w/Alice Inoue: Transcend Work-Life Chaos

Exchange work-life balance for work-life effectiveness

Our relationship to all aspects of our lives has changed. How we interact with our work, our home, our community, and ourselves have been so profoundly impacted that we can no longer use our old habits of operation to be effective. Our paradigm of life has changed so much that we need a fresh new perspective and plan to make our lives work for us versus against us. This webinar will help turn energy drain into gain if you've hit the Pandemic Wall, are feeling any Pandemic grief, or are experiencing a lack of motivation or productivity.

In this webinar you will learn:
- Exactly why you're so tired, drained, and distracted
- How to value, balance, and protect your personal energy
- That even though time is limited, your ability to be effective at work is not
- Multiple solutions and methods to lock in productivity and set new rules of operation

Insuring Your Greatest Asset, with Life Insurance

There are many reasons to own life insurance: provide for your family, estate planning, leaving a legacy to your beneficiaries and/or charity, etc. Surprisingly, most households are under-insured, yet finding the right type and amount of coverage can sometimes be more art than science. In this informative webinar, Kyle Shimoda – Wealth Advisor at INPAC Wealth Solutions, will cover: - What is life insurance and how much do I need/want? - Which type of policy is the best fit for me now? Will that change in the future? - What do I need to know if I already have a policy?

Overcoming Relationship Stress

Join Corey Campbell, CEO and Founder of Akamai Training & Consulting, for this complimentary webinar! Learn important steps that facilitate moving through relationship stress and frustration into understanding, growth, and common ground in your significant relationships.

Making the Most of Your Real Estate Investment

Get advice on your real estate investment from multiple realtors and mortgage professionals, including:

  • Evaluating the type of income you get from a property
  • Tax credits and how to use them - Exit strategy
  • Strategies to facilitate your goals
  • What you need to purchase an investment property
  • Leaving a legacy for your children

The Possibility of Home Ownership

Hear from multiple experts on many aspects of buying a home, including:
• Location, location, location
• First-time home buying
• Understanding the process
• Condominium tips and tricks
• How to prepare
• Home inspection

Getting Your Financial Household in Order

For many, New Year's means resolutions and getting things in order. In this webinar, Troy Wada of INPAC Wealth Solutions covers some easy tips to get your Financial Household in order from a Wealth Management perspective: Banking, Investments, Insurance, Taxation, and the Law.

Pau Hana w/Alice Inoue: How to Fully Optimize 2022 for Ultimate Happiness

Join Alice Inoue, Life Expert and founder of Happiness U, as she unveils to us the journey and path we can expect in 2022. To make sure we enter the year with the right mindset, she will share how to best transcend the challenges we have ahead, as well as identify the support that will also be there for us.

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